Monday, February 18, 2008

"In the Loop" closes

The NBC-owned stations and iVillage has canceled the hour-long embarrassment that was In the Loop With iVillage, a daytime talk show taped at NBC Tower at 454 North Columbus Drive - not in the Loop , but on the city's Gold Coast.

The program will continue until March 28. No word on what WMAQ-TV will air in the 11 a.m. time slot where Village now resides.


Big Talkers said...

Hey what up T-Dog,

Don't mean to post something totally off-topic, but I could not locate your email to drop you a note directly -- anyways, we are running a fun blog for listeners of the Steve Dahl show over at

If you are into blogrolling, we'd love to be included.



TDog said...

Hi there. I can't post my e-mail address (privacy and spam concerns), but I'll check out the website, and if it's good (a reliable site), I'll add it to my links list. I'm always looking for links to add regarding Chicago radio. Thanks!