Saturday, September 17, 2011

The T Dog Media Blog is moving

After approximately five years, The T Dog Media Blog is moving on to bigger and better things.

Like to yours truly's own website.

With The T Dog Media Blog entering its sixth season Monday (man, time flies!), yours truly has made the decision to move the blog from Blogger to Wordpress platform on my newly launched website:

The existing posts - all 2,131 of them - have been imported into the Wordpress site and all have been tagged and categorized so it can be easier for users to find items.  

At some point during this weekend, the web domain will direct to the new site at This way, there will be no need to update your bookmarks. As of September 19, all new items will be posted on

The new site is being hosted by Bluehost.

Why is the blog moving? Well for one thing, I wanted my own platform to provide the blog - that is, my own web domain name and site as opposed to piggybacking off of Blogger's.

Wordpress offers more features than Blogger - not to mention a much better mobile interface where yours truly can post on the go. The T Dog Media Blog will now be easier to read on your iPhone, iPod Touch (which I have), Android, or WebOs device with an simple mobile interface (I used Blogger's mobile interface, but Wordpress' is far more superior.) In addition, Wordpress offers me an opportunity to offer my material in on a platform that doesn't really feel like a blog.

In addition, the Twitter badge on the new T Dog Media site is far better than the one used on Blogger. Here, you can see my Snoopy (or a retweeter's) avatar, and you can reply, retweet, or favorite a tweet right from the page! How awesome is that?

With the move, T Dog's Media Friends are being fully updated with new links (like TV Media Insights) and the removal of dead links (goodbye PI feedback and Jeff Roteman's WLS Tribute Site.)

In the future, I will be adding new features, such as a YouTube video page and possibly a podcast - but that's a little bit down the road.

Even after the launch of the new site, there will be a few tweaks made here and there.

Finally, you no longer have to go through a verification process for commenting as I enabled that on Blogger to keep spammers out - Wordpress has a stronger system that handles the e-junk. However, the old rules still apply when commenting - they must be relevant to the subject matter (if you want to praise or criticize me for the article, well, you can do that too.)

Monday marks the start of the sixth season - and a new era - of The T Dog Media Blog. So come on along for the ride!

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