Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sci-Fi channel greenlights Battlestar prequel

NBC Universal's Sci-Fi channel has greenlighted several new projects, unveiled at their upfront presentation in New York City Tuesday. They include:

- A new prequel to Battlestar Galactica called Caprica, which is set fifty years before Galactica takes place. Galactica concludes its run this year.

- True Beliver, a two-hour backdoor pilot from executive producer Rosario Dawson (a noted sci-fi fan) and David Atchison, who she authored a comic book with. In the pilot, a comic-book geek hooks up with a real-life superhero to save the world.

- 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan also has signed a deal with Sci-Fi to host Scare Tactics.

- Sci-Fi is also expanding its web offerings to its tech-savvy viewers, via its SciFi.com site. Included in the festivities are new offerings in gaming and technology, plus improved streaming video playbck.

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