Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T Dog's Four Pack

The scorecard for the past week in media:


- Chicagoland Radio and Media. Larz predicted WNUA would flip this year and would changeto a Spanish format. His site the closet thing to Rob Feder's sorely-missed columns.

- WLS-TV. They dominated the local ratings in May, including all local newscasts. So what else is new?

- According to Jim canceled. The long national nightmare is over.

- Chuck renewed. NBC finally does something right.


- American Idol. Despite an entertaining show and a surprise winner (Kris Allen over Adam Lambert), the annual season finale was the lowest rated ever and Chicago viewers all but ignored it, scoring the fifth-lowest household rating among the 56 metered markets (scroll down five posts to see ratings.)

- Tony Kornhiser. Many thought he would make Monday Night Football interesting. Wrong. Now he can stay on PTI and continue to be a hypocrite, given he can't make up his mind on whether or not to be a Mets or a Yankees fan.

- WNUA-FM. The axe finally swung at the longtime Smooth Jazz outlet, though the format's shortcomings are likely the reason for the switch to Spanish Pop than WNUA itself.

- Lewis Lazare. Okay, I held my tongue for long as I can on Feder's replacement on the Sun-Times' media beat. Lazare finally mentioned WNUA's flip to Spanish on Friday - only after CRM, Rosenthal, DJ Headlines, and even this blog (and its Twitter page) broke with the story. After reading this guy's stories, you wonder if a sixth reader writing for the Weekly Reader would do better. I'm sorry, but this guy just plain sucks as a media writer.

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