Monday, July 13, 2009

More on-air staff cuts at Q101, The Loop

Here we downsize again: Emmis made another round of staff cuts at its two Chicago rock stations today. From WKQX-FM (Q101), the cuts included Alex Quigley (who did weeknights 7-10), and Kevin Manno who did afternoons with his brother Ryan.

Instead, Q101 hired Tim Virgin to do afternoons from 3-7 p.m. with Ryan Manno moving into Quigley's 7-10 p.m. slot. This is Mr. virgin's second stint with a Chicago radio station.

Emmis' other station in town (WLUP-FM, The Loop) let go four part-time weekend on-air staff members, including 32-year veteran Tim O'Toole.

There is also word that Pete McMurray has also been let go from The Loop.


Jason said...

in certain cases downsizing is good. There has been way too much of it at Emmis. They need to reorganize their sales dept. Whoever the yahoo's are that think I should be listening too nothing but adverts for strip joints and impotence pills should be fired on the spot. I am sure there are more respectable products they could be using to pay the bills. Dont get me wrong, i love a good lap dance, but I dont want to have to turn the radio all the time so my son doesnt have to bombard me with questions about the stuff. Didnt there use to be a time, maybe back in the days of the StarBeat Dictaphone, when ads like that were relegated to after 10pm?

T Dog said...

I like a good lapdance too! But seriously, this is what we call in the business "direct market advertising" - about as far from blue chip you can get. All you have to do is take a look at barter commercials for most syndicated courtroom TV shows, "Maury", and "Jerry Springer", and you see what I mean (no strip clubs, but those ads for lawyers and Craftmatic beds are no better...)

You remember the StarBeat Dictaphone ads too? Good memory!