Monday, October 12, 2009

T Dog's Four Pack

A long delayed edition of T Dog's Four Pack, gouging the winners and losers of the past two weeks. You're either doing the job right - or doing the job wrong. Get to work!

Did the job right

- The Cleveland Show. The Family Guy spin-off performed pretty well in its first three episodes, fitting in like a glove between the show it spun-off of and The Simpsons. Last night's episode was the funniest yet, better than the first two - and better yet, only two cutaway gags.

-The Chicago Sun-Times sold. Let's hope Jim Tyree can restore the respectability of the newspaper after several of decline. First step: rehire Robert Feder and dump Lewis Lazare!

- Roxanne Steele. The former WBBM-FM midday personality lands on her feet with a new gig at WCFS/Fresh 105.9 FM. Welcome back!

-  ABC picks up new shows for full season. Modern Family, Cougar Town, Middle, and FlashForward all receive full season pickups. Somebody is having a good fall season thus far...

Did the job wrong

- Chicago loses Olympic bid. I saw this coming.

- The Detroit Tigers. A stunning collapse at the end with a loss to the Minnesota Twins to hand them the AL Central Title.

-David Letterman. Because of an extortion attempt by a fellow CBS employee, the gap-toothed one revealed on October 2nd's show he went out on a booty call with his some of female employees - in front of his audience in which many LAUGHED and APPLAUDED (yeah, I stole it from a TV Week headline.) He apologized - sort of - and had to "apologize" again on the October 5 show to his wife.

Given the fact Letterman - or his show - hasn't been funny in thirteen years, he sure picked an inopportune time to be funny - or so he thinks.

- Survivor: Samoa. The immunity challenge in the second episode was the dumbest, stupidest one yours truly has ever seen ever on this show - not to mention a racist contestant (Ben), and an"evil villain" Russell, whose is closer to Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation than he is to Lex Luthor - or hell, even J.R. Ewing from Dallas - and gets more face time on CBS than Katie Couric does. Russell is to Survivor as Cousin Oliver is to The Brady Bunch and Scrappy-Doo is to Scooby-Doo. This season is the worst ever, brought to you by the overrated douchebag who wants to remake Fantasy Island into a reality show and wants to bring Blago to The Apprentice.

Burnett should keep the Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh wannabes off his programming. But it 's not going to happen since he thinks racism isn't a problem.

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